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Avoiding the End

This is a continuance of "a quiet high" an acoustic page set up on Myspace a few years ago. This is just an artistic outlet project, "I've loved writing and playing music since I was around 13 years old, For at least a third of my life I've been in bands where I could release musical ideas" A few California bands this artist played guitar for include:
Watch It Burn. (96-03). Rebel Wrench.(04). and CrashkillsFour.(05-06). Now married with 2 small boys and an actual career, there is little to no time to play music. Here are a few songs that sum up the past few years of writing and recording in a makeshift home studio . If your listening, thanks for spending a little time... Read more on . User-contributed text is available...

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Artist Summary
Genres: Metal / Gothic / Melodic
Artist Bio

Cecilia Kamf - Vocals
Richard Holmgren - Guitar |
Patrik Mattsson - Bass
Joakim Kristensen - Guitar
Dennis Johansson - Keyboards
Theo Arvidsson - Drums

Xhiria was founded in the fall 2007 by Richard & Joakim under the name Black Lotus. Shortly thereafter Patrik and Theo joined in. They got a singer by the name Daniel, whom later decided to leave the band.
Not long after Daniel left, Xhiria were accompanied by their friend Dennis to play keyboard. That was the line-up for quite some time.

Desperatly (but not really) searching for a singer they found Linnéa, who joined to take on the role...

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We, Stands for You

Shatter His Illusion