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My Remorse

Future Idiots

It all started in the spring of 2005 when Alex came up with some plans on re-taking the third year on his upper secondary school studies. He wanted to do this just to get in the same class as Mike and Kennie so that they could start a band. After lots of conversations with headmasters and teachers and a whole lot of lies saying that Alex's grades would be so much better he was finally approved to re-take the final year.
Things got serious during the summer break when they got a place to rehearse and the first songs started to shape up. It was early decided that the band should not have front man and hence both Mike and Alex are lead singers. In the beginning Alex was not to keen on singing since he considered himself incapable of do...

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Act Like This

"Take some punk rock! Some metal! and then on top of that, Lady Gaga influences and technoriffs.. what do you get?"

ACT LIKE THIS! A four piece band with one single mission..TO BLOW YOU AWAY!"

It was way back in 2007 when Emelie and Anton first met each other. though the band "Make ém Art". They quickly realized that they had the same vision for music, but unfortunelately the band later broke up and the two drifted apart. Shortly after that Anton teamed up with drummer Viktor in a project named "At The Highest Hope" where they also found out that they had the same outlook for how music should sound and be produced. But as time went by things took a hard left and in the summer ...

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Recipe for Disaster

Zip of Fire