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HammerFall is a heavy/power metal band from Sweden, formed in 1993 by Oscar Dronjak and Jesper Strömblad, then members of Ceremonial Oath. Dronjak had already composed some of the new band's music, including the song "Steel Meets Steel". Several of the band's early lineups featured members of other influential Swedish heavy metal bands, such as In Fl...

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Thin Lizzy (IE)

Thin Lizzy are an Irish hard rock band who formed in Dublin, Ireland in 1969. The band were led throughout their recording career by bassist, songwriter and singer Phil Lynott, and are best known for their songs Whiskey in the Jar, Läs mer

W.A.S.P. (US)

W.A.S.P. is an American band formed in 1982 which gained notoriety for its ""-image, music and performances. The band, formed in Los Angeles, California, initially consi...

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Two artists share the name Timbuktu. 1) A rapper from Sweden.
2) A rapper from London, Ontario. 1) Jason Diakité (born 11 January 1975), known under the stage name Timbuktu, is a Swedish rapper. He is from Scania, the southernmost part of Sweden, from a city called Lund, and raps with a slight scanian accent. Having released four studioalbums and a live album he has firmly established himself as a

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Takida, a five piece rock band from Ånge, Sweden, started out in 1999 and they have worked hard to get where they are today. They have been touring all around Sweden and built quite a reputation as a solid live rockband. Their fanbase is growing as we speak. Their first demo Old was only produced in 500 copies and sold out immediately, Läs mer