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Klubb Krevad

Catheter (US)

There seem to be at least two artists with this name:

1. Grindcore band from Denver, Colorado.

2. Thrash Metal band from Hungary. Read more on . User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.

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Demokhratia (DZ)

Streetwalker (US)

There are at least 4 bands with the name Streetwalker:
1. Streetwalker is an electronic Chicago duo, comprised of molecular biologist Beau Wanzer (Mutant Beat Dance/L.I.E.S) and Elon Katz (White Car/Hippos in Tanks). They wrote their debut album ‘Future Fusion’ over the course of two years through endless experimentation and analog improvisation.

2. Streetwalker is an Indonesian Youth Rock band formed in Jakarta, Indonesia. The members consist of Agung Lubis (Lead Guitar), Rian Arf (Bass), Tamjidi (Vocal), Hagie (Rhythm Guitar) and Andika (Drum).

3. Streetwalker is a hard rock band from Brisbane, Australia, which formed in mid-2006. The original li...

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