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Raygun Rebels (DE)

Sex Slaves (US)

Three salacious young gents from the Lower East Side of New York City are here, lock up your ladies. In 2003 Eric13, singer, guitarist and a rock community mainstay from Philly, recently transplanted to New York, met a brother-in-arms in towering bassist Del Cheetah. Hellbent on a rock n’ roll mission of the highest order, they began to write songs based on their experiences. The music reflects their identity, their influences, and their way of life - something every boy and girl could relate to. They self released their debut “Nikki” in the US and in Japan on Wizzard-in-Vinyl. The initial pressing disappeared almost
instantly, so they soon followed it with a live album, “Pull The Trigger”.

The current line-up was finaliz...

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