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Extra Life (US)

Brooklyn, New York 2006 - 2012

Extra Life was a band led by New York-based guitarist/vocalist Charlie Looker (member of Seaven Teares, OCRILIM, Psalm Zero, ex-Zs and ex-DIRTY PROJECTORS). While the music retains some of the heady instrumental abstraction of his work in Zs, Extra Life moves into a far more melodic song-based realm. The compositions are epic, complex and aggressive, yet with a lush, personal, dramatic spirit; dark, heavy avant chamber pop with a cold gothic beauty echoing that of medieval plainsong. In addition to Looker's voice and guitar, the band included Tony Gedrich (bass, member of ARCHAEOPTERYX), Ian Antonio (drums 2007-08, member of Zs), Nick Podgurski (drums 2008-12), Travis Laplante (keyboard, tenor sa...

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