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Trickski (DE)

About Trickski
Thursday night, half past 2 in the morning at the Weekend Club, Berlin’s current number one “Hot Spot”. A wild mixture of Chicago and Detroit tunes, almost forgotten dance anthems and upfront house stuff gets the crowd cookin’. Suddenly, Jack Migger jumps on stage and his Hip House Live Action puts the night on a whole new level. Unexpected things happen: hands in the air, groupies screaming and men shaking their rumps wildly! Sweat is running everywhere, even over the laptops of the boys of “Goldener Westen“ who are responsible for the crazy visuals.

Who are these guys?! TRICKSKI are the two Djs Yannick L. and Daniel “störte“ Becker – both of whom have been active for many years. Yannick ...

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