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Mad Professor (UK)

The imaginative recordings produced by Mad Professor (born Neil Fraser 1955, Georgetown in Guyana) demonstrate a mastery of electronic gadgetry. Working from his own studios, Mad Professor has overseen more than two hundred albums including ground-breaking remixes for Massive Attack, Sade, and Pato Banton.

Born in Guyana, Fraser earned the Mad Professor tag from his childhood fascination with electronics. At the age of nine or ten he built a radio from scratch. Moving to London at the age of thirteen, Mad Professor continued to experiment with electronics. He bought a semi-professional reel-to-reel tape-recorder in 1975, but was unable to record in sync. This prompted him to purchase more and more equipment. By the following y...

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Joe Ariwa (US)

An apprentice of Mad Professor in Ariwa Studios, hence the name Joe Ariwa!!! Joe Ariwa is a young sound engineer / producer brining a youthful, fresh & exciting style to dub music! Growing up in the South East of London Joe was heavily influenced by various styles of music such as reggae, hip hop, soul, garage & electronica, all of which can be highlighted in his work, from the heavy reggae driven bass lines he may use to the fattest, sharpest most defined snare you would usually identify in a hip hop track. Not to mention the sweetest love making melodies & chord structure one would only hear in a soul ballad. Joe Ariwa’s production mainly consists of these three elements, dubbed up using mind-blowing effects from phasers, flangers, rev...

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Joe Ariwa Dub (US)