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Fights and Fires (UK)

Melodic hardcore from United Kingdom
Fights and Fires emerged when two guys from Backwash took a university break. The remaining two, some of Worcesters’ punk/rock collective and an old refrigeration unit joined forces. The result is a stunning six track mini-album of chaotic, melodic hardcore.

Paying homage to their various influences: At The Drive-In, Rites of Spring, The Bronx, Husker-Du, Planes Mistaken for Stars and others, they have a forceful, thoughtful release of which they are justifiably proud.

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There are two bands under the name of Concubine. 1. Concubine was a combination of hardcore and metalcore, from Sweden. They released their first EP containing five songs, called The Blackout , during 2011. The EP was produced and mixed by Dan Swanö . The band has played with upcoming Swedish acts such as Yersinia , Last View och No Omega . They split ways in 2012, and ended their short story with a goodbye-message on facebook. Before the split-up, they released their debut full-length called A Year in the Static .

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Screamo / emo band from Sweden

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