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Knowing is Not Knowledge

Knowing Is Not Knowledge is a post-hardcore band from Skåne - Sweden. Their debut EP; This Is A Secret Message was released in 2010.

Their members are:

Fredrik Sandqvist
Jukka Svärd
Johan Andersson
Christoffer Magnusson
Fredrik Magnusson
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Nova Prospekt

There are 2 bands called Nova Prospekt:

1) A metalcore/post-hardcore band from Sweden

2) A powermetal band from Valencia-Venezuela.

Nova Prospekt is a Swedish metalcore/post-hardcore band with a variety of musical influences.

The origins of the band can be traced back to 2005, when Tintin Jönsson (vocals, guitar and electronics), Victor Fridefors (lead guitar), Felix Karjalainen (drums) and Oskar Wernberg (bass) formed the band after trying out a few earlier constellations.

Nova Prospekt today consists of Tintin Jönsson (vocals, and electronics), Victor Fridefors (lead guitar), Emil Mansfeld (drums) and Karl Hampus Prytz (bass).

They have released an album, Industri...

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The Final Tide