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MaiNekk (previously stylized as „MaiNekkHööts”) is a quartet of two Swedes, one Dane and one Estonian. The name is derived from the pronunciation of the phrase "My neck hurts".

They released their debut album "Dance Dance and Rotate" in October 2010. Their second album "Care for the Bulpier Ones" was released by I Love You Records of Latvia in June 2012.

Both of the albums were recorded in a house in Skurup, Sweden where the members lived and attended the local folk high school (Skurups Folkhögskola).


Erki Pärnoja (Ewert and the Two Dragons) - Guitars, Balalaika and Voice
Daniel Ögren (LAPONIA) - Guitars, Moog and Voice
Patrik Grundström - Basses, Moog, Melodica and Voice
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Anna Von Hausswolff

It was not that long ago that Anna von Hausswolff was just an anonymous architecture student in Gothenburg, Sweden. Now she's much better known as a singer-songwriter.
Anna von Hausswolff's debut EP "Track of Time" was released in February 2010 by Kning Disk, magnificent avant-garde pop with its crosshairs trained on the heart. The first album "Singing From the Grave" appeared in May. Everyone who hears Anna von Hausswolff sing, immediately stops, listens and gets touched by her magic. Her voice is that of total expression. Sometimes it caresses you, sometimes it roars up a storm.

On July 9, 2013 "Ceremony" was released in North America by Other Music Recording Co., and Anna von Hausswolff played her debut US show on July...

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