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Vincent Vicious

Vincent Vicious is a lively sparkling bigband which plays pop music. They formed in the autumn of 2006 and they're always happy. The happy band has 8 members, who are all studying at Sturegymnasiet in Halmstad, Sweden. They have released one 6-track EP who is called "Rädda mig från hösten". They have also released an promotion-cd with three songs on it. The promotion-cd is called "Dansa, dansa, dansa!"

Vocals, trombone, tenorsaxophone, altosaxophone, piano, violin, bass guitar, guitar, drums, tambourine, choirs, and people clapping their hands are the instrument which is used in Vincent Vicious.

Their homepage address is and their myspace is Read...

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To all my Friends

Astronauts, dirty nails and other more or less important things are exactly what swedish indiefolkpopduo To All My Friends sing about. Accompanied by instruments such as banjo, autoharp, accordion, melodica and guitar they mold beautiful tunes in the storytelling tradition of american folk music and turn it into something of their own, right here and right now.

The journey of To All My Friends began somewhere in the southern parts of Sweden when band members Frida Alkestrand and Tove Möller got to know each other through the feminist activist group Radical Cheerleaders, but didn’t take form until 2008 when they both found themselves in the city of opportunities Berlin and started writing songs together.

In the summe...

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Driftwood Company