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Goran Kajfes

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Josef & Erika

The Swedish duo Josef och Erika, with the instruments doubble bass/electric bass, vocals and harmonium, is known for their intimate and fascinating appearences. They introduced their second album ”Small small small small sounds”in september 2007 and recived brilliant reviews and a nomination for a Swedish grammy. Their first album "Wallpaper stories" from 2005 was appointed one of the top ten albums of 2005 by the Swedish newspaper Svenska Dagbladet. Josef och Erika has, during a couple of years, toured mostly in Sweden but also in other Scandinavian contries, Germany and New York. Their music is influenced by both singer/songwriter and modern improvised music. Somewhere between these genres they've created music where stories are in foc...

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midaircondo is a constellation which explores beat, sound, voice, improvisation in an audio-visual environment. The group was founded in Gothenburg, Sweden in December 2002. The starting point was the yearning to explore new and unexpected ways to create music.

midaircondo is a new making within the swedish electronic music scene, based on the idea of playful music, working in between the acoustic and electronic area.

midaircondo combines the music with their own visuals, where the projections interact with the music performed on stage.

midaircondo is:
Lisa Nordström - flutes, voice, computer etc.
Lisen Rylander - saxophones, voice, computer etc.

Malin Dahlstrom left the group in 2006...

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Michala Østergaard (DK)