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Kenyon (FR)

supposedly there is more then one Kenyon floating around.

#1. Kenyon Kowal, a guitarist from Boston, Mass. He has record 4 solo L.P.s and 3 solo E.P.'s. You can hear some of his work at

His most recent Album is entitled "Chris Craft Cobra," which was released summer of 2009. He also released a EP called Peaker in 2010.

#2. Kenyon is a french rapper from Rennes, Britanny. After his mixtape "K Le Cas Local" in 2009, he released his first album "Soul Révolte" in April 2010, with featurings from Taïro, ECK, Keefaz and Chicagoan C-Riches. Read more on . User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; addit...

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