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André Wall

André Wall (b. 8th of October 1978 in Västerås, Sweden), is a Swedish-British singer-songwriter, guitarist, piano player and a record-producer. His main genres are folk rock, pop and americana.
He has performed frequently with his backing group, formed in Stockholm and as a singer-songwriter Soloartist in New York, Barcelona, Rome and London since 1999.
He has released 2 studio albums globally, as a soloartist. Dream Away 2002 (2002) and Barcelona Diaries (2009) and 3 singles:
Catalan Theme (2009), Lucy (2010) and This Child (2013)
He is the founding member & composer of the critically acclaimed folk rock and spoken word Duo Invictus,
Invictus have released 3 studio albums globally since 2010. Out of the Ni...

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