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Kräftskivefestivalen 2012

White Lamb

Happy Hands Club

1. a Swedish band playing indie-pop influenced by electro and shoegaze.
The septet was formed in 2010 and released their eponymous debut-EP on the Swedish indie-label Luxury in November 2011.
2. a spontaneous experimental post-prog electro funk rock duo from County Antrim, Northern Ireland. They formed in 2008 and have since been going strong, gathering a sizeable fan base, and composing beautiful symphonies such as the notorious 'Blackbeard's Dress' and the emotive 'The Oversee...

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There are at least two different bands/artists named Skatan 1) Skatan a metal norwegian band from Oslo 2) skatan a female vocalist from Sweden for the second one, you can check her myspace here :

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