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Czech Invasion

Sunflower Caravan (CZ)

A young trio from Prague, Czech Republic, which uses piano and hammond organ to play a mixture of alternative grooves and pop melodies, Sunflower Caravan enter the Czech music scene in October 2001. Members include: Ondrej Cermak (Andy), Vit Rosnecký, Michal Schich (Mitchell).
After playing in a number of Prague clubs the band toured Sweden with glam-rock artist The Ark , who had seen their performances in the Palace Akropolis. At the end of August, 2005, work began on their first single "Talkin 'About", officially launched on September 27th at the popular Akropolis Palace. Only 250 copies of the self-produced album were pressed. In 2006, the trio took a short trip to Sweden, visiting Malmö, Helsingborg and Växjö. In 2006 the ba...

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Tata Bojs (CZ)

Tata Bojs is a Czech alternative rock-electro band formed in Prague, Czech Republic in 1988 by Marek Huňát aka 'Mardoša' (bass) and Milan Cais aka 'Bublajz' (drums, vocal). Present members are: Mardoša, Bublajz, Vladimír Bár, Jiří Hradil and Dušan Neuwerth.

Former band members were: 1988-1994 Marek Padevět (guitar), 1995-2000 Marek Doubrava (guitar, flute) (currently member of Hm... and Doubravánek), 2000-2002 Maťo Mišík (guitar) and female vocalist Klára Nemravová. Ondřej Ježek and František Štáfek are listed on as guests, performing with the band in 1994 and 1995.

Studio albums:
1991 Šagali Šagáli
1995 Ladovo album
1997 Jaro/Divnosti
1997 Ukončete nás
1998 Nekonečná...

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