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Boy George (UK)

George Alan O'Dowd (born June 14, 1961, in London, United Kingdom), a Irish/British singer, songwriter & DJ who gained fame with his group Culture Club during the 80s. He epitomized the term "blue-eyed soul" and received just as much airplay on R&B radio stations as pop stations.

George's androgynous style caught the attention of music executive Malcolm McLaren, who arranged for George to perform with the group Bow Wow Wow, featuring Annabella Lwin, at various shows. George called himself Lieutenant Lush and nearly stole the spotlight from Lwin. George and Bow Wow Wow didn't last long after that and George started his own group with bassist Mikey Craig. In Praise Of Lemmings was to be the name of the group. Jon Moss (who had d...

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