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Fucking Werewolf Asso

FUCKING WEREWOLF ASSO is a 8-bit post punk/synth punk band with 90s emo vocals created in 2008. They originated from Göteborg, Sweden. They were previously known as GO! WITH FOURTEEN O (and for a short period of time VS THE HELICOPTER).

Current Members:
Dennis Wedin - Vocals, Bass & Keyboard
Martin Svensson - Vocals, Drums & Effects
Peter Rasmusson - Vocals, Guitar & Keyboard Read more on . User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.

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The Toilet

The Toilet is one man act from Gothenburg, Sweden. The music is created mainly from recycling music and a plunderphonics style of cutting small audio clips from different sources and putting them together to create new music, and then adding drums and vocals. The result is a mix of various genres breakcore, grindcore, screamo, techno, hardcore, polka, disco, chiptunes etc.

The live shows are a very visual mix of performance "art", horror, disco dancing, screaming and blood.
In 2005 The Toilet was part of the Monsters With Machines US/CAN 60 days Tour. Together with Electrocutionerdz, The Smile Adventure & The Mourningside Excursion
The Toilet/Klas-Benny has been performing live together with Ljudit Andersson, under t...

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