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There are at least 4 different artists named Kite:
1) A Swedish synthpop band formed in 2008.
2) A Norwegian hard rock band.
3) A rock band from Barbados.
4) An American rock band formed in 1994.
5) A Korean rock band.


1) Kite - Sweden:

The story of Kite started when Christian Berg (Yvonne, Strip Music) asked Nicklas Stenemo (The Mo, Melody Club) to sing on one of Christian’s instrumental songs. The day after the demo version of ”My girl and I” was finished. They started to make songs at a daily basis in Nicklas’ studio where Christian’s love for monotone synth melted together with Nicklas’ pophits.
One day Nicklas sold...

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White Trash Family


Thrill Warriors

After the breaking up of her former band Mini (bass) started longing for the stage again and this time she would have liked it to be only chicks. She met Space cowboy (drums) on the bus home, a girl she knew from a previous band, and they decided to start something new.
Some time passed and nothing really heppened untill Mini's mom, who is a teacher, told her one day she had a pupil who plays guitar. So Mini called Fisten (guitar) up while she was a little busy with her boyfriend and things got a bit awkward but Mini didn't suspect a thing. (a little blonde-ness I sense?) Space Cowboy, Fisten and Mini started to play and Fisten was a bit sceptical towards the other's taste in music, Mini - obsessed with 80's rock/rock n roll and Sp...

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The Hector