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Cursed Uppsala


Ondskapt is a Swedish Black Metal band formed in Stockholm, Sweden in 2000. Their lyrical themes deal mostly with Satanism. They are currently signed to Osmose Productions. Ondskapt means "Created of evil."

- Slave Under His Immortal Will (EP) (2001)
- Draco Sit Mihi Dux (2003)
- Dödens Evangelium (2005)
- Arisen from the Ashes (2010)

Acerbus - Vocals, Guitar (IXXI)
S.W. - Guitar (Valkyrja, Die Hard)
Nabemih - Guitar, Arrangements
V.P. - Bass (Valkyrja, Diabolical (Swe))
E.L. - Drums (Titanum)

Live members:
Grave - Rhythm Guitar (Infuneral)

Official Website: Read more on . User-contrib...

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