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Arosian Black Mass 2012

Aosoth (FR)

Aosoth are a French black metal band that was formed in Paris in 2002 by members of Antaeus. They have released four full-length albums to date as well as many EPs and split relases. Vocalist MkM has been the only consistent member since the band's formation, but since 2010 the lineup has featured BST on guitar and INRVI on bass. The name Aosoth comes from the dark female force of the pantheon of the Order of the Nine Angels. Read more on . User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.

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Arktau Eos (FI)


Swedish metal band Ofermod has its roots in black metal, but its members currently refer to their own music as "Orthodox Qliphotic Death Metal" in an attempt to de-emphasize the satanistic associations of the former term in favour of more complex occult themes present in their later work.

The group was originally a solo project in 1996 by guitarist Michayah, who at that time called himself Belfagor and was also active in the band Nefandus. In 1997, vocalist Nebiros joined the band. The duo entered Necromorbus Studios in January 1998 and recorded a 7" EP entitled "Mystérion Tés Anomias" which was released later that same year in 500 copies through PMP (Pounding Metal Productions). Bass player Mist left the band in 1999.

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Saturnalia Temple


Hetroertzen is a Black Metal band formed in Chile, now located in Västerås, Sweden that was created back in 1997 by Frater D. as his solo studio project. Even though, it was initially a solo project, Frater D. decided to make a band of it and thus Åskväder joined as a guitarist in September of 1999. During their first ten years of existence, a couple of albums were recorded and a handful of gigs were performed in their homeland of Chile. Various line-up changes occurred as well.

The band had a brief hiatus for various reasons, but in 2009 after resurfacing in Sweden and the city of Västerås, Hetroertzen's first proclaimed full length album ‘Exaltation of Wisdom’, was recorded at the bands own studio. The line-up was then Fra...

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