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Dag Vag Hyllar Stig Vig

Dag Vag

Swedish band formed in 1977. Current members are Stig Vig (vocals, bass), Tage Z Dirty (drums), Beno Zeno (guitar, vocals) and Teka Pukk (guitar). Teka Pukk replaced ZilverZurfarn who left in 2007. The bands early punk sound became more and more reggae-style, and the band itself calls it Läs mer

Stina Berge

Ulf Dageby

Nikke Ström

Mattias Hellberg

Mattias Hellberg, born june 13, 1973, is a swedish . He has been part of the Nymphet Noodlers, Hederos & Hellberg and The Hellacopters. After the split-up of H...

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