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Dag Vag Hyllar Stig Vig

Dag Vag

Swedish transcontinental rock-reggae band formed in 1977. Current members are Stig Vig (vocals, bass), Tage Z Dirty (drums), Beno Zeno (guitar, vocals) and Teka Pukk (guitar). Teka Pukk replaced ZilverZurfarn who left in 2007. The bands early punk sound became more and more reggae-style, and the band itself calls it transcontinental rock-reggae .
Their popularity peak was in the 80s but they are still active today.

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Mattias Hellberg

Mattias Hellberg, born june 13, 1973, is a swedish singer-songwriter . He has been part of the Nymphet Noodlers , Hederos & Hellberg and The Hellacopters . After the split-up of Hederos & Hellberg, Hellberg went into the studio in September 2003 together with some fellow musicians forming Hellberg's backup band Healing Hand. Hellberg started recording his own songs, and ended up with ten songs about the melancholy of life released on his self-titled debut album.

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