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Robbie Fulks (US)

Robbie Fulks is an alt country artist originally from Raleigh, North Carolina but is a longtime Chicago, Illinois resident. He has been active for many years and is still recording and performing music. Fulks is known for his disdain of mainstream modern country and the country music industry, as exemplified by his scorching rebuke of Nashville titled "Fuck This Town." His live performances feature improvised rearrangments of his original songs, off-the-cuff musical humor, and covers of songs by Michael Jackson and Cher, among others.

Before beginning his solo career, Fulks joined the Bluegrass band Special Consensus. Here he showcased his unique guitar playing, and appeared on the Grammy-nominated album "Hole In My Heart" rel...

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Ducks Deluxe (UK)

Ducks Deluxe were an English pub rock band of the 1970s. Usually called "The Ducks" by their fans, they were known in the 70s for their up-tempo, energetic performances. Formed in London in February 1972 by Martin Belmont (guitar), Sean Tyla (guitar), Ken Whaley (bass) and Michael Cousins (known as Magic Michael) on percussion, they split after playing a gig at the 100 Club in London on July 1, 1975. The band reformed in 2007 with Martin Belmont (guitar), Sean Tyla (guitar), Kevin Foster (bass) and Jim Russell (drums). Inbetween times, various members of the band found a degree of fame with Graham Parker & the Rumour, the Tyla Gang and The Motors.

If the old scientific adage is true -- that for every action there is an equal a...

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