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Under bar himmel


Patiently written down dates, noted with a piano and carefully collected on cassette tapes, one by one. An assiduous attempt to keep books of time, to sketch the events, the landscapes and neighborhoods with melodies and recordings of sound. For several years Joel Danell has been writing songs on a piano, all given the names of dates as if they were diary notes. The kind of notes where the writing, more than the words themselves, recounts for the moment of them being written: times of accumulation where the letters stand close to each other and reach far into the margin, moments of pensiveness where lines have been crossed out and others have been added and moments of excitement where the letters have gained in size and defied the ruling...

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Tvärvägen is a one-man-orchestra (Henrik Öhberg) of Sweden. Read more on . User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.

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Next Stop: Horizon

Next Stop: Horizon was formed 2010 by Pär Hagström & Jenny Roos. Their debut album "We Know Exactly Where We Are Going" was released 26 August 2011 by Tapete Records, Germany.

Pär & Jenny lives in Gothenburg, Sweden. They sleep and eat in their little apartment. Their closest neighbour is the Vagnhallen where the trams sleep at night. They work and write music in their own recording studio located in the heart of Majorna. Sharing space with Matteuskyrkan and Räddningsmissionen.

Together with Jesper Kumberg, the nicest manager on earth, they work hard to let all the world hear their music. They truly believe that everybody should get a chance to step in to the world of their songs.

Influenced by everything...

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