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Andy Greyburn

Andy Greyburn, based in Karlstad, SWEDEN enjoys working in the shady corners of country, bluegrass and folk. He is drawn to the roots or the fresher paths - always in search of the simple melodies which hides behind a few chords. In 2012 he released his debut single “The Humming Air” and in February 2013 came the sequel “High & Dry” .

Andy Greyburn Band, was formed in 2011 by Andy Greyburn (vocals, guitar) and Per "Renegade" Nylin (bass, vocals). Later on Joel Dahlström (guitar, vocals) and Henrik "The Star Boys" Gillgren (cajun, drums) joined the band.

Since 2013 the members have been more permanent. The band now consists of Andy Greyburn (vocals, guitar/banjo), Joel Dahlström (guitar, vocals), Simon Börjars (fiddl...

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