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Whole Lotta Midsommar


1) Rock band from Poland formed in 2008. Discography: 1. 'Video Gra' (2008),
2. 'Fantastyczny lot' (single, 2009),
3. 'Nie obchodzi nas rock' (2010). 2) Punk band from Texas, USA. Best in the world. "LEATHER LEATHER" LP out now on Play Pinball Records.
"(Join The) Hate Wave" 7" out on Total Punk Records.
"Cult of VIDEO" 7" out on No Good Records. New LP coming soon.

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Guitar Wolf (JP)

The band Guitar Wolf ( ギターウルフ ), founded in Nagasaki, Japan in 1987, are known for their piercing vocals and extremely loud style of garage punk that emphasized heavy distortion. They coined the phrase "Jett Rock 'n' Roll", a homage to rocker Joan Jett , which they also use to describe their musical style - an energetic cross between The Ramones , rockabilly , classic punk , and noise rock . The band star in cult classic zombie flick Wild Zero .

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Bad Sports (US)

Denton/Austin's Bad Sports are back with their third album - and second on Dirtnap. Produced by the Marked Men's Mark Ryan and Jeff Burke, Bras is a major departure from the '77 pop/punk feel of 2011's terrific Kings of the Weekend. This time the band brings a tougher, harder-edged sound and takes on a wider variety of musical styles. While still very much in the classic vein of Texan garage/punk, Bad Sports are also bringing to mind the heyday of New York City punk.

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Yussuf Jerusalem (FR)

Yussuf Jerusalem is a psychedelic rock musician from France.
Also having played under the banner of Yussuf Jerusalem and the Riders of Allah, the imagery on his Myspace site pokes at Western Culture's embedded fear of cave dwelling dudes in black hoods whose jihad-fueled hatred burns in the secluded cliffs of a mountain in Afghanistan. Coupled with the black metal imagery on his debut album, " A Heart Full of Sorrow ", released in 2009 on Floridas Dying ...

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Black Time (US)

New Wave / Punk / Rockabilly band from London, UK. Visit

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