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Anni B Sweet (ES)

Anni B Sweet is the stage name of singer-songwriter Ana Lopez, born in Malaga in 1987. She started writing music at age nine and and continued futher into the music world as a profession. She formed several groups at home in Malaga then moved to Madrid in search of broader roads.

There one was with the support of the Humanity band, with which she collaborated until beginning his race alone. In this occasion she received the support of artists like Javier Doria of "The Melocotons" and Brian Hunt. After spreading widely in Internet, to make several tours being accompanied to artists like Antonio Fertile valley, entering the musical environment adjustment of the series hunting of men and to appear in radio 3 signed a contract wi...

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Amaral (ES)

Amaral is a Spanish group, from the city of Zaragoza, made up of Eva Amaral - vocals and composer - and Juan Aguirre - guitarist and composer. The group's name is Eva's surname. Their music is pop and rock, with poetic lyrics about feelings. Eva's voice is deep, strong and very melodious.


1993-2000: The group Amaral was created on January 1st 1997 with Eva Amaral, main vocalist and composer, and Juan Aguirre, guitarist and composer, as members. The name of the group is Eva's surname, and it was chosen by Juan.

Their story started at the beginning of the 90's, when Eva and Juan met at a recording studio in the city of Zaragoza. At the time, Eva was playing with a group called Bandera Blanca (Whi...

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