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Kristian Anttila

Matti Kristian Anttila (born March 4, 1979) is a Gothenburg based Finnish-Swedish indie pop musician. Anttila's father is from Finland, his mother from Bulgaria. During his first year he lived in Skövde but then he moved with his mother to Gothenburg. Anttila released his debut album 'Natta de mina' in 2003. He followed up in 2005 with the EP 'Sockerläpp' and the album 'Innan bomberna'. June 2008 saw the release of his third album, 'Lille Napoleon'. The music is mostly guitar-based indiepop with melancholic lyrics and some electronic references. Read more on . User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.

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Isak Strand vs. TOE

Alpaca Sports

Alpaca Sports Plays A Unique Yet Subtle Brand of Sweet Catchy indie-pop Tunes... Layered with Jangly Guitars, Opulent String Instruments and Nostalgic Boy/Girl Vocals.

Alpaca Sports:
Andreas Jonsson (songwriter, vocals, guitar)
Carl Jirestedt (co-writer, percussion)
Hampus Öhman-Frölund (drums)
Amanda Åkerman (back-up vocals)
David Erlandsson (bass)
Olle Griphammar (bass)
Henrik Toresson (lead guitar)
Diana Andrén Scarpati (viola)
Kalle von Hall (producer, organ, percussion)
Emanuel Svensson (drums)
Olof Enckell (Italian shoes)
Per Möller (press photo)
Hans Olsson Brookes (mastering)
Ray Kimura (artwork)
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Happy Hands Club

1. a Swedish band playing indie-pop influenced by electro and shoegaze.
The septet was formed in 2010 and released their eponymous debut-EP on the Swedish indie-label Luxury in November 2011.

2. a spontaneous experimental post-prog electro funk rock duo from County Antrim, Northern Ireland. They formed in 2008 and have since been going strong, gathering a sizeable fan base, and composing beautiful symphonies such as the notorious 'Blackbeard's Dress' and the emotive 'The Overseer'. They have released one Live and Unplugged EP and are currently working on their self-titled debut album due to be released later this year. Read more on . User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA Licens...

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