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Giora Feidman (IL)

Giora Feidman (b. Buenos Aires, Argentina, 26 March 1936) is an Argentinean klezmer music folklorist and clarinetist. He was born in Argentina, whence his Bessarabian parents immigrated to escape persecution. Feidman comes from a family of klezmer musician, his father, grandfather and great-grandfather before him made music for weddings, bar mitzvahs, and holiday celebrations in the gated ghettos of central Europe.

He began his career as the youngest clarinetist ever to play with the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra. He left the orchestra in the early 1970s to begin his solo career.

He has performed as a soloist with the Berlin Symphony Orchestra and the Kronos Quartet. He played the clarinet solos for the score to the...

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