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The Bugs (US)

There have been many bands named the Bugs here on Planet Earth. In the 1960's there were the Bugs from both Pakistan & Boston (USA.). In the late 1970's/early 1980's there were the Bugs from Amsterdam. In the late 1980's, England. In the 1990's; the Bugs from Portland, Oregon (USA) & Indiana (USA). In the 21st century, more bands named the Bugs came from England, Italy & the USA.
The 1960's Pakistani edition of the Bugs can be found on the Sublime Frequencies compilation "Pakistan: Instrumental Folk and Pop Sounds". The 1960's American version of the Bugs ("Pretty Girl, "Slide") can be found on many 1960's Garage rock compilations. The 1990's Portland version of the Bugs ("SPASTIC") have released LPs & E.Ps on the Tombstone...

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Cheap Imitation

Strändernas Svall

Worlds Dirtiest Sport (US)

Worlds Dirtiest Sport was formed in Portland, OR several years ago as a way for TRUMANS WATER to play when a member was missing. It was usually an all-out jamfest with anywhere from 1 to 15 people. The one constant was Kevin Branstetter from TW.

Since then Kevin has relocated to France (while continuing TW) and WDS is now a duo integrating Caroline Branstetter. WDS went on their first ever tour last year playing in France, England, Belgium, Denmark, Sweden and Norway with THE BUGS.

They are currently recording their first album and will be touring soon after they finish. WDS share Trumans’ dislike for apostrophes and love for unexpected music while sounding slightly more melodic and electronic… Read more on Last.f...

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