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Midsummer Black Suffering


There are more than one artist using this name:

1) A Japanese band composed of three voice actresses.
2) A black/death metal band from Stockholm, Sweden (featuring members of ex-Dissection and Necrophobic).
3) A Romanian band composed of three girls.
4) A Finnish band playing hardcore metal.
5) A Bulgarian punk band.
6) A Hungarian industrial metal band.


1) Trident is a Japanese band composed of voice actresses Mai Fuchigami, Manami Numakura and Hibiku Yamamura. The band is derived from the anime "Arpeggio of Blue Steel -Ars Nova-" for which they perform the two ending theme songs: "Blue Field (ブルー・フィールド)" and "Innocen...

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Styggelse is a black metal band from Gothenburg, Sweden. They formed in 2003.

"Styggelse" is Swedish for "Abomination"


Kallbrand - Guitar, backup vocals
L. Svartvén - Guitars, vocals
Skadeglade - Drums
Folkilsk - Bass, backup vocals


Bland Ändlösa Fält av Snusk och Hor - EP, 2006
Goatenburg Abominations - Demo, 2008
Mavsolevm Tellvs - Demo, 2008

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Grief of Emerald

Grief of Emerald are a Black / Death Metal band from Sweden. GoE was formed between 1990 and 1992.

Robert joined on keys in '95 and they recorded a demo called "The Beginning", which was later released as a limited mini CD (500). Listenable Records offered the band a deal, and the band signed for 3 albums. The debut full length album called "Nightspawn" received very good response. Fredrik (drums) was kicked out and got replaced by a new drummer named Jonas. He joined a couple of months before the recording of the second CD entitled "Malformed Seed". The band did some touring around Europe and got a pretty good response.

They played at the "Wave Gothic Treffen" in Germany (Leipzig) and the "Party San Open Air Fest...

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