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Oldfashioned Ideas

Formed in the late days of 2009 in the southern parts of Sweden, OLDFASHIONED IDEAS are heading into the new decade with great anticipation and strong belief that the future belongs to those who grab it.

Including members from bands as Vindicate This! and Skunks United, we look back with respect at those who came before us as well as those around us, and always trying our best to carry on the legacy.

We're not here to tell you, teach you or point fingers. We are here to play the music that WE like and tell the tales WE feel should be told. Like it or not.

Per - Bass & Vocals
Niclas - Guitar
Gustaf - Drums

Bands we've played with: Antipati, Saturdays Heroes, No...

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The Guv'nors (DK)

Founded 2000 in Aarhus, Denmark. The Guv'nors are: Sonnyboi (voc) Jonah (dr) Smidt (g) Mash (g) and Rune P (b). Sounds as if you take equal amounts of 70's glam- and punk-rock and 80's Oi! and rock, then you add a bit of today's NY hardcore attitude, a tablespoon of football, several pints of lager and a gallon of sweat. Sprinkle a bit of the best good ol' metal on top, and watch it EXPLODE!!! Read more on . User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.

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