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Andreas Söderlund

Andreas Söderlund is the lead singer of the band Niccokick , which he started in 2001, and Sounds Like Violence . He has also produced and played with Hello Saferide . [1] Söderlund launched a solo career in 2010 in Swedish with Daustralien album, which received fairly good reviews in the Swedish press. Read more on . User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.

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Sounds Like Violence

SOUNDS LIKE VIOLENCE convey their white-hot, angsty music with a crushing sense of urgency. A melting pot of emotive sensibilities, they roar, wail and gush melody with the greatest of skill. Their raw, tactile edge is utterly devoid of any kind of preened finish, leaving it stripped to the core and downright gritty, gripping and real. The band have their own way of softening the brash sound they immerse you in, adding a spoonful of sugar to their bitterly performed rocktastic stomp. Their compelling melodies draw you in with ease, limbs flailing and self-control subsiding as SOUNDS LIKE VIOLENCE's bounding energy shows little sign of being defeated.

Guitar lines whip up storms of nostalgia, nodding their heads in the directio...

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