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Spiritualized (UK)

Spiritualized are an English rock band formed in 1990 in Rugby, Warwickshire, United Kingdom by Jason Pierce, who often goes by the alias J. Spaceman, after the spectacular demise of the Spacemen 3 outfit. The membership of Spiritualized changes from album to album, with Pierce being the only constant factor.

The first Spiritualized release was a space rock-esque cover of Any Way That You Want Me in 1990, a record which heralded the official split of Spacemen 3 following contractual wrangles over the band's name. Of the final Spacemen 3 line up, bassist Will Carruthers, drummer Jonny Mattock and session guitarist Mark Refoy joined Pierce in the first phase of Spiritualized (for the debut LP, Lazer Guided Melodies), alongside h...

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Roy and the Devils Motorcycle

Since 1991, Roy and the Devil's Motorcycle have been getting lost in the music. Saturated in blues, garage and psychedelia, they've honed a focused, raw and hypnotic sound from blissed out blues to raging garage/ psychedelia. But it all sounds like them: immediate, at their own pace and with a slightly (verging on truly) disturbing warpedness. It's worth mentioning also that the three guitarist brothers grew up in a swiss mountain village. Soon after moving to a larger town with a 'rock club', where they first saw Spacemen 3 and some other sonic pioneers of the time, they got immersed in the energy of garage punk and primal rock and roll, and later on, into the depth of blues. Throw in a trash-experimental nature (substance and otherwise...

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