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Markus Krunegård

Markus Krunegård, born April 6, 1979 in Norrköping, Östergötland, is a Swedish singer. He is known as the lead singer of the pop band Laakso and has also been a member of HETS!. He has appeared on Johnossi's album All They Ever Wanted (2008) and Eldkvarn's album Hunger Hotell (2008). He has also taken part in a song Det kommer bara leda till nåt ont by swedish band Säkert!.

In April 2008 Krunegård's solo album Markusevangeliet was released. In summer of 2008 he became the first artist to play at Hultsfredsfestivalen for three years in a row in three different bands: HETS! (2006), Laakso (2007) and solo (2008).

Markusevangeliet was released in 2009 as an updated version with remixes of some songs and 3 new tracks:...

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Laakso is a Swedish pop group with Finnish influences, vocal harmony and a harmonic guitar-work. The band consists of Markus Krunegård, Lars Skoglund, David Nygård and Mikael Fritz.

In the fall of 1999 at a lunch canteen of the university outside of Uppsala, Sweden, Markus was humming to a Belle & Sebastian song so that David could hear him. It was enough to convince that the chasm between an indie-nerd who didn't care enough and a vegan who wanted only to demonstrate could in fact be bridged. Later they moved in together and formed LAAKSO. The name LAAKSO and the fact that the band exclusively sang in Finnish when they first formed is due to David's both parents and Markus' mother all coming from Tornedalen (Tornionjokilaakso...

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Hets was a Swedish group formed in 2006 consisting of Markus Krunegård, (vocals & guitar, also known from Laakso), Henrik Svensson (guitar & backing vocals, also known from Doktor Kosmos), Christoffer Roth (bass & backing vocals. Has also played with DLK and Monster, among others) and Per Nordmark (drums & backing vocals, also known from Fireside).
The same year as Hets was formed, their self-titled album was released on their label Etikett: Hets. The band split up in 2007.
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