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Thorleifs was a Swedish dansband formed in 1962 in Norrhult, Kronoberg County, Sweden and led by Thorleif Torstensson.
The band that sings in Swedish and many other languages, also released albums in German.
It also took part in Melodifestivalen 2009 with the song "Sweet Kissin' in the Moonlight" but did not proceed into the finals.
The band broke up fall 2012 and released their farewell album " Tack & Farväl" (Thanks & farewell)


Guitar, lead vocals and saxophone Thorleif Torstensson (1962-2012)
Guitar and vocals Magnus Bergdahl (1968-2008)
Bosse Thyren (2011-2012)
Drums and vocals Åke Eriksson (1962-1970)
Jörgen Löfstedt (1970-2012)
Bass Bo Ehrenmo (1962-1969...

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