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Bodyfest 2012

Vomito Negro (BE)

VOMITO NEGRO are from Belgium.

Vomito Negro already took off way back in 1983, and over the past decades they established a name for themselves as uncompromising aural architects, combining power with emotion, electro with vision.
Vomito Negro is Latin for “black vomit”, a phenomenon that arises in the last stage of the disease yellow fever, when the patient throws up his putrefied intestines and ultimately dies. Macabre? One might consider Vomito Negro's interest in the darker side of the human condition as unhealthy, but in fact it’s fueled by a desire to cope with and to understand life (and consequently, death) as we know it. Vomito Negro handles their topics with grim sarcasm and/or penetrating personal involvement;...

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There are at least two artists with the name "Spetsnaz":

1) A hardcore/noise punk band from Portland, Oregon.

2) Swedish electro-berzerkers Spetsnaz (russian acronym for Special Forces) were formed by Pontus Stålberg and Stefan Nilsson in Örebro, Sweden in the autumn of 2001. With the powerful vocals, frenetic pounding bass lines and relentless rhythmic assault, Spetsnaz have the aggression and the melody to be the missing link between the heavy scene and the pop scene.
Being fans of the electro genre for many years, both Pontus and Stefan felt there was an emptiness in the EBM scene. All the classic bands were replaced by newcomers performing a more technofied style called futurepop, and this new-school didnt ...

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32crash (BE)

Earth, Year 2107.

Transferred in the future through time technology, the 3-brain morphing viral entity 32CRASH infiltrated the omnipotent reigning Universal Order in order to first sabotage then ultimately destroy its absolute power on the human masses that survived the Alien Wars of the end of XXIst century. In this future declining & greatly damaged world where dust and drought have settled down, where matter has become gradually unstable, where the major part of the land is inhabitable and where almost all living species besides bugs, flies and porcupines are virtually extinct, the 32CRASH infiltrators first noticed gigantic inter-dimensional crashes generating unpredictable apparitions in the 3d dimension of demons, angels...

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The Invincible Spirit (GE)


Oldschool Union

Oldschool Union is the first ever old school ebm band from Finland, exclusively in Finnish!

They released a demo in 2009, and a full length album called "Älä Ole, Elä" in 2012 on EK Product label. Oldschool Union was at first a one man band, but has acquired a vocalist, and performed live in Familientreffen festival in 2014.

Oldschool Union sounds as a punked up old school EBM. Read more on . User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.

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