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Mason Ruffner (US)

The musical roots of Mason Ruffner go back to the mid-sixties, when the lanky teenager from Ft. Worth, Texas fell victim to the supernatural guitar prowess of Jimi Hendrix and the lyrical genius of Bob Dylan. He began tracing the lineage of modern rock back to its post-war origins, digging the sounds of Jimmy Reed, B.B. King and Robert Johnson. No less influential were the works of French poets and novelists such as Rimbaud, Lautreamont, and Baudelaire.

In the late sixties, Mason tried his hand at modern rock and folk music, but the blues bug would not let him be. Eventually, blues singer Robery Ealey invited Mason to join his Five Careless Lovers, the house band at Ealey's own Bluebird Lounge in Ft. Worth. This was Mason's f...

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