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Nirvana 2002

Nirvana 2002 was a death metal band formed in 1988 in Edsbyn, Sweden. The moniker came from two earlier names of the project: The first was Prophet 2002, then changed to Nirvana. A little bit later the band from Seattle called Nirvana released its 1st 7"EP on SubPop, so the Swedes added the previously used suffix - 2002 - this was long before most people had heard of Nirvana and Kurt Cobain. They appeared on the legendary CBR compilation Projections of a Stained Mind with the track "Mourning". In 1992 the band had some offers for an album by Deaf and Necrosis Records, but then they took different ways and split-up.

In 2001 a CD with all their material was close to being released by Relapse, but nothing happened. On 26 Jan 200...

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