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Ralph & The Big Bang Group

Ralph & the big bang group - 25 years 2012!

Ralph & the big bang group started out in the summer of 1987. The first gig was at Café Balzac in Lund, Sweden, October 10:th. The initiative came from the singer/drummer Ralph Svensson who by that time worked as a back up musician for different Swedish acts. It was a spectacular start: in 1988 the trio did 70 gigs, next year 140 and 1990 it peaked with 200! The word about the trio was spread all over, and since then they toured Sweden also Norway, Finland, Denmark, Germany, The Netherlands, Luxembourg and Greece. With about 2500 concerts and 5 records the group is hotter than ever! The blues magazines all over the world writes: "blistering blues" (Blues Revue, USA), "ces Suédois on...

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