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Sara Löfgren

Sara Therese Löfgren, (born April 11, 1977), is a Swedish singer known for her breakthrough song "Starkare".

Löfgren started singing at the age of 12. Got a break in the reality show Fame Factory, performing songs like "Starkare", and "Aldrig". Participated in Melodifestivalen 2004 performing "Som stormen" and finished 7th. In 2004 she was nominated in two categories at the Nordic Music Award". Her debut album "Starkare" sold nearly 60,000 copies.


Starkare (2004-01-30)

Starkare (2003-10-27)
För alltid (2004-01-14)
Som stormen (2004-03-15)
Lite kär (2004-06-30)
Fastän regnet öser ned (2005-06-15)
Vägen Hem (2006-04-19)

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Lars Demian

Lars Demian, trubadur, född år 1957 i Halmstad.
Är även aktiv inom teatern. Har skrivit manus och musik till barnprogrammet Ika i rutan i SVT. Heter egentligen Lars Bengtsson. Enligt egen utsago är alla hans låttexter självupplevda utom en. Read more on . User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.

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David Tallroth

Johan Johansson

There are at least two artists named Johan Johansson.

1. Johan Johansson is the original member of the swedish punkband KSMB, which he and his high school friends started in the late 70's. After he left that band (1982) he started another one called Strindbergs, which he later got kicked out of in 1985. Then he made a record with Stockholms Negrer and joined them on tour for three months before starting a new band called John Lenin. Johan Johansson can play drums, guitar and has produced some records for bands as De Lyckliga Kompisarna and he is good friends with both Per Granberg Charta 77 and Stefan Sundström.

2. Johan Johansson is a Swedish composer who creates fantasy and battle themed music on youtube. Read ...

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Frans Haraldsen

Kim Stranne