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Tyrant Wrath

In winter 2007, from the ashes of Martyrum, Kim C and Adde started to work on a new projekt with the intension to make something new, yet bringing that cold, dark feeling to the music. After a couple of sessions with guitar riffing, they decided it was time to get a drummer and start to rehearse the songs. Several songs were already made at this point and a promo were supposed to be recorded, so we called our old friend Jocke (Dominion, ex. In Aeternum, Sorcery) and asked if he could play the drums on this recording. With no further hesitations he agreed to do the drumming, and the recordingsession begun. So finally the promo is ready and up on myspace. The promo was appreciated and we deicided to choose Battlegod Productions for the rel...

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Tormention ( previously Bloodvomit) was created in September 2008. The idea of starting a band came up at Wacken Open Air festival 2008. Adam(Bass) and Amir(Drums) who had played in various different bands together earlier met Daniel(guitar). They sat at their camp sight and started to bond and came up with and idea to start a death metal band. They started rehearsing in September that same year, completing the band with Manne(2nd guitar) and Robin(Vocals). They recorded a demo in 2009 that Patrick Bruss mixed and mastered. But the following year the band went through different changes, letting go of their second guitarist Manne and their vocalist Robin due to his health issues. Though all the set backs Tormention ended the year 2010 wit...

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Terminal Prospect