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Wolfbrigade (formerly Wolfpack) are a d-beat/crust punk band from Sweden featuring members of Asta Kask, To What End?, Today's Overdose, Cosa Nostra, Anti-Cimex, Obscure Infinity and Harlequin. Former singer Jonsson was forced to leave the band in 1998 because, as the band said, the situation had become "intolerable." They later recruited their current singer, Micke, who was a childhood friend of Erik,Jocke and Frank and went on to record vocals in Allday Hell. At around the same time, they changed their name from Wolfpack to avoid association with a Swedish neo-Nazi organization who shared the name. Later in 2002 drummer Frank left and Dadde who was a friend of the band became their new drummer. In 2004 Wolfbrigade split up due to a co...

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