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Painful Pride

A garage, heavy metal band formed 1983 in Karlskoga, Sweden, by guitarists Tommy Carlström and Örjan Härdig. Örjan Härdig did the most work with brilliant compositions of both lyrics and music.
Original members were Håkan Eriksson (Drums), Johan Jansson (Bass) and Kåre Ander (Vocals). Johan were replaced by Marko Malstam and later Kåre was replaced by Peter Ljungqvist and some time later the band choose to add a keyboardist, Håkan Bergqvist. The band made some professional demos that never hit the market but will end up at Last-fm in time.

Painful Pride left the scene in 1989 and the pieces were shattered until 1999 when Painful Pride once more hit the stage with two new members, Niklas Bäckman on bass and Jimmy Fahlin o...

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