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Two Gallants (US)

Alternately explosive and restrained, the aptly titled The Bloom and the Blight is a meditation on past and present - melodic fury matched with the eloquent, confessional lyricism that has made Two Gallants an enduring favorite of both fans and critics.

Capturing the sound of a new beginning, The Bloom and the Blight celebrates the band’s much anticipated reunion following a multi-year break. It is the work of Two Gallants, fully matured, the band fearlessly exploring new ground in search of a sound that defines a very personal catharsis.

“We’ve both gone through some hard stuff personally, so this album has that element of the cathartic, of a release of tension,” explains Adam Stephens (guitar/vocals), “We had ta...

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Movie Star Junkies (IT)

Sweaty trashy wild garage blues from Torino

Boto:guitars Caio:drums Nene:bass Vinz:guitars Stefano:vocals-organ

The band was born in 2005 and it was originally a duo. Setting the Birthday Party and Gun Club as their main influences the band started playing a lot of shows in Italy with just a drum and an organ. They later developed their line-up adding two guitars and a bass.

After their debut single, MSJreleased songs on several compilations and split EPs, played gigs in France, Croatia and U.k. (also opening acts for Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, Lost Sounds…); later on they hit Europe again for a month, for their first proper european tour, performing in clubs, squats, galleries and streets.

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Steaming Satellites (AT)

A description by the band itself:
They have the lead weight of Led Zeppelin, the spherical reach of Pink Floyd and the significance of Bob Dylan; all combined and pimped with some electronical and synthy stuff. They are what they are: an up to date rock band that knows how to honor the past.

After playing a single support show with Portugal. the Man in Salzburg 2008, they decided that they wanted them to be their support for the whole tour. The following years they have toured with bands like The Builders and the Butchers, Eagle Seagull, Hello Electric, … . They have played several support shows for Thin Lizzy, Monster Magnet, International Noise Conspiracy, Therapy, Oceansize, The Ravonettes, Kashmir, and many more…
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