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Nekromantheon (NO)

Skinwhipper Christian Holm gathered forces in spring 2005 with Arild M. Torp , Sindre Solem from Obliteration and Glenn “ Biffen “ Iversen from Rabalder to create the most dirty and nasty thrash band Norway have seen in a long time.
The result can be heard on “ We’re Rotting”.
The band are sick and tired of all the fashion thrash metal bands that have emerged the last years and have a vision to show the good old thrash, with inspiration from Destruction, Sadus and Kreator.

Nekromantheon from Kolbotn, Norway also have the honour to be the first band to be released on STØY Music, formerly known as Anthology Records. Read more on . User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; ad...

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There are at least three artists with the name "Maim".

1) Maim was formed in the small town of Åtvidaberg, Sweden in 2006. Maim plays death metal in the old vein influenced by bands such as Autopsy, Repulsion, Nihilist, Darkthrone, Motörhead to name a few.
In late 2007 a yet unreleased demo was recorded. Some of the songs ended up on myspace and a few people got the demo in it's entirety on tape. In 2008 a record deal was made with the dutch label Soulsellerrecords. The debut album titled "From The Womb To The Tomb" saw it's light in march 2009.
The material for a second full length album is already written and will hopefully be released in early 2011. The title for the new album is "Deceased To Exist".


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