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Stockholm Psych Fest

Dead Skeletons (IS)

Nascent Icelandic band with ties to The Brian Jonestown Massacre . Dead Skeletons (Iceland) came into being in 2008 as an accompaniment to an installation for a show at the Reykjavik art museum by artist Jón Sæmundur ( Dead ). Looking for a spiritual battle hymn for the show, Jón began recording with Henrik Björnsson ( Singapore Sling ) and Ryan Van Kriedt ( The Asteroid #4 ). This initial song, Dead Mantra , became an underground hit, prompting the full length LP Dead Magick ( A Records ), released by the band in 2011.

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The band Audionom was created in the spring of 1999 primarily influenced by german rock from the early seventies, then called krautrock, but also had connections to punkrock. The band played at places like Harvest (lo-fi summer festival), Fylkingen (scene for experimental music), Accelerator (club) and Emmaboda (festival for indie music). Mostly we made gigs at clubs in Stockholm. After three and a half years and many different members coming and going, the band was dispersed, and stayed that way for a year or so.

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The Janitors

There are several bands called "The Janitors" 1)The Janitors were an alternative rock/Noise rock band from Sunderland & Newcastle, formed in 1984. They were led by singer Andrew Denton, who was backed by Craig Hope (guitar, keyboards), Simon Warnes (bass guitar), and Tim Stirland (drums). Described as "a mixture of Membranes meeting Captain Beefheart, they signed to Marc Riley's In-Tape label, releasing their debut single, "Chicken Stew" in July 1985.

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