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Kid Down

At a time when Gothic makeup, lengthy band names, ridiculously protracted song titles, faux hawks and Queen cover tunes have defined modern rock’s hoi polloi, Kid Down arrives like a fresh gust of air. Courtesy of an exciting new alliance with the world-renowned, Örebro-based Burning Heart Records (Millencolin, Turbonegro, The Hives and Refused), Kid Down…And The Noble Art of Irony is – quite simply – a kick ass song-cycle that draws on everything from Pinkerton to punk as it marks a new start for this quartet from Åmål, Sweden, formed in 2001

A must-have for any fan of big, buoyant hooks, Kid Down’s song topics are aimed squarely at its generation – which the band collectively jokes on its Myspace page is capable only of “wat...

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Social Siberia

Jocke Jensen from Chemical Vocation's solo work.

When Joakim Jensen, also known as Social Siberia, releases his solo debut, we bid you to look elsewhere for the kind of run-of-the-mill artistry we see on the TV talent shows. Hailing from the hidden parts of Sweden, Social Siberia delivers his own brand of acoustic and dynamic alternative pop punk, flavored with tasteful hints of Green Day, Anna Ternheim and Jimmy Eat World.

Social Siberia didn’t aim to set himself apart, it just turned out that way. When grandiose debut album “Waterworks” (released March 24 through Panic & Action / Bonnier Amigo) emerges, it is a welcome breeze of air in the smog of pre-fabricated, plastic hit music.

Social Siberia was bo...

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Steve and The Alcoholics

Steve and the Alcoholics are a punk rock band from Sweden that formed in 2007. The band brought out their first release for free, a "Demo" in 2007.

Steve and the Alcoholics is a new, but still old school, skatepunk band from Gothenburg, Sweden. The band was started by Steve himself a couple years ago. But it's not until now, after some changes in the line-up and an upgrade from trio to quartet, that the band has found its true concept and sound.
The final line-up is a tasteful blend of members from several Swedish punk rock bands such as Chemical Vocation, When We Fall, Bowser and Go Drowsy. Together they form a solid quartet and their goal is to deliver hi-energy, old school skatepunk with an innovative and fresh twist.<...

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