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Prosumer (DE)

Former Panorama Bar (Berlin) resident. Now touring the world on his own. Prolific house connaisseur.

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Lilla Lovis

Lilla Lovis music is often about sex, and with song titles like Brides with small boobs can go to hell, she has often been compared to sex-rockers like Eddie and Uncle Kånkel. She herself says that she has no relation to the music genre. Her first song "Never spits out" (refers to spitting out snus) came out in October 2010. Since then she has released a couple of singles, and in 2012 came the debut album "Som en oskuld" ("Like a Virgin").

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Little Jinder

Josefine Jinder from Stockholm, Sweden debuted in 2008. Josefine dropped out of high school and went to England to study audio engineering. Her current band consist of David Lindh, Johan Cederberg and herself. "I have always written, produced, recorded and arranged my music myself with a few exeptions and will try to keep on working that way to get the music as josefine-like as possible. Thats the way we want it. I work with emotions and to keep it as honest and personal as possible I'll always be a dominatrix around it."

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